Find products from the CCRS Center that are practical and research-based to support states with implementing college and career readiness initiatives. Our products include reports, briefs, fact sheets, guides, and tools on topics varying from lifelong learning skills, career pathways, and measures of college and career readiness.  

College and Career Readiness and Success: Inventory of Policies, Programs, and Initiatives

This inventory, based on the College and Career Development Organizer, is designed to help users catalog policies, programs, and initiatives that support students on their pathways to success in college and careers. Intended primarily for Regional Comprehensive Centers and states, the tool can help users identify areas of strength as well as gaps or redundancies in current and planned activities, and reflect on state priorities and their alignment with these activities.

College and Career Readiness: A Quick Stats Fact Sheet

This fact sheet offers findings and statistics on the current status of high school graduates' readiness for life after high school. It highlights some of the challenges and opportunities facing high school students after graduation as well as some of the consequences and implications for America’s underprepared graduates.

Pathways and Supports for College and Career Preparation: What Policies, Programs, and Structures Will Help High School Graduates Meet Expectations?

This brief, the third in the College and Career Development Organizer series, summarizes the pathways and supports of college and career preparation that have been collected and organizes this information into three key threads:  1) Personalized Learning Supports; 2) Rigorous Programs of Study; 3) Aligned Resources, Structures, and Supports.  Along with a brief description of each thread, key components are highlighted and examples of each type of pathway and support are provided.

College and Career Readiness Action Planning Template

The College and Career Readiness Action Planning Template includes ten overarching questions designed to help states discuss key areas of college and career readiness. Each question has a series of more detailed subquestions that can be used to further examine each college and career readiness topic area.

College and Career Development Organizer [Brief]

In this brief, the National High School Center provides an overview of the College and Career Development Organizer. First, the brief describes the organizer and its intended use, providing specific examples of what it is and is not designed to do. Then, it walks potential users through the organizer to familiarize them with its content. Finally, the brief concludes with key considerations for those engaged in college and career readiness work.